Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photoshop production-ray results

Abstract: This article will show you is how to use Photoshop's Noise and the Radial Blur filter to produce rays effect.

Note: This article is used in Photoshop 6.0, In addition, the operation of the keyboard shortcuts usually are given in square brackets.

Production Method:

1. The production of these rays is the best black and white, so their colors in the first set before the start of what we have. Click the icon in the tool box, the foreground and background color set to black and white, respectively. Then we click the toolbox icon, would swap foreground and background colors.

2. Select File脿New [Ctrl + N], open the New dialog box. Set the Width 700pixels, Height set to 300pixels, Mode set to RGB Color, Contents Set Background Color, and then click OK to create a new background color to black Photoshop document.

3. Click to select the tool box in the Type Tool [T]. In the background to write on "MYSTERY" words. In theory, this paper describes the method for any (size) fonts can be applied, but there are always so many choices that can make the best of the best combination. In this paper, is the size of the black 48pt Arial Black font. We can start the interface at the top of the toolbar in the font type, size and color of the text before setting the input text.

4. Enter after the text was then moved to the central level, there have to use Photoshop's layer and function. Use this function we need a light layer, but now the only other layer only as a special Background layer (the layer of a special reason for that is because it is infinite and opaque), then put altogether to convert into ordinary Background layer better. Double-click the Background layer in the Layer panel (if the screen is not this panel, you can choose Window脿Show Layers to open it), then the New Layer dialog box pops up, type "background" and then OK.

So we have a another layer can be used to refer to, then click the text layer in the Layer panel box to the left to connect the two existing layers (right side).

5. Select the background layer, and then were selected Layer脿Align Linked menu of Vertical Centers and Horizontal Centers command.

6. Now we start making rays. Hold down Ctrl and then click the text layer, this operation is equivalent to choose Select脿Load Selection and then read the story Transparancy channel. Operation executed, the layer of non-transparent regions will be selected. For this example, the implementation of this action will select all the text layer.

7. Then hold down Alt and then click the Layer Panel, open the New Layer icon on the dialog box. In the Name column enter the "ray", and then click OK to create a new layer. At this point the new layer still maintained the previous step to the constituency.

8. Select Edit脿Fill, open the Fill dialog box. Contents and then choose Background color, background color that is used to fill the selection area.

9. Here is the filter stage is the time. Select Filter脿Noise脿Add Noise, Add Noise dialog box opens. Amount set to 300, Distribution Set Gaussian, select the Monochromatic and click OK, apply the filter.

10. Select Select脿Deselect [Ctrl + D], get rid of the word choice.


11. Next we have to filter through the use of another Radial Blur, to create the effect of radiation. Select Filter脿Blur脿Radial Blur, Radial Blur dialog box opens. Amount parameter and then set 100, Blur Method Set Zoom mode (that is, the line blurred image from the image center to enlarge), Quality and Continuous Application of Three Good set this filter.

Note, if you want to reuse the last used a filter, it can directly press Ctrl + F to select.

12. After the previous step, the radiation effects have been a little bit of shape, and give them a ray Gaga following light. The Layer panel on the "ray" layer onto the icon or select Layer脿Duplicate Layer to copy just operation "ray" layer. To the new layer a name, in this case for the time being named it as "ray sharp". These were immediately go on operations are for this new layer "ray sharp"'s.

13. Select Filter脿Sharpen脿Unsharp Mask, Unsharp Mask dialog box opens. Parameters are: Amount 500, Radius 3.0, Threshold 20.

14. Re-application of this layer twice Radial Blur filter, its parameters as mentioned in step 11.

15. Press Alt + Shift + S, the layer Blending Mode set to Screen.

Effect as shown.

16. Completion of radiation, the following text added to the source of the. The Layer panel, drag the text layer to all layers MYSTERY top [Ctrl + Shift +]].

17. Hold down Ctrl and then click the text layer, select the text. Create a new layer [Ctrl + Shift + N], and named "text source".

18. Select Select脿Transform Selection, and then top of the screen toolbar W and H values are set to 40% of the far right of the toolbar and click the OK button (shows a hook of the button).

19. Select Select脿Feather [Ctrl + Alt + D], open the Feather dialog box. Enter 3 in which, after determining emergence selections.


20. Select Edit脿Fill [Alt + Backspace], before the scenery (ie white) filling the continuous emergence of the selected area step two or three. And then press Ctrl + D, de-select.

21. To make light appear softer, and then select Blur脿Gaussian Blur (parameters Radius = 2.0), using a Gaussian blur filter to soften the object. When completed, will "text source" layer onto the "backgroud" layer on top.

Results shown in Figure.

22. Completion of the above text source, we have to do a more focused and bright point source. With the light source, the effect will be more. Create a new layer and name it "ray source". Then we click the toolbox icon, would swap foreground and background colors.

23. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool box tool [M], then the central painting in an oval canvas. Then press Alt + Backspace, to fill on the foreground constituencies.

24. Press Ctrl + D to remove constituency, and then use the Radius of Gaussian Blur filter is equal to 4 on the floor (ray source) for processing.

25. Adjust the Layer Opacity option panel layer "ray source" of the transparency to 70%, it moves to the "ray sharp" layer above.

Upon completion, the effect shown.

Now the whole effect has been forming, and the rest have to do is to make the effects look cool. Specifically, to adjust the overall tone, and the text a little bit modified.

26. Select the top text layer and click Layer panel icon, and then in the pop-up menu, select Hue / Saturation, playing Hue / Saturation dialog box. Select the Colorize check box will Hue, Saturation and Lightness are set to 220,50, and 0.

This is on top of all layers created a similar color mask of the mask layer.

After completing this step you can see the whole picture into the blue (pictured). But, of course, the color settings for the front you can decide for themselves, not with the non-use value can not be mentioned here.

27. Right-click the text layer, then in the pop-up menu, choose Blending Option, open the Blending Option dialog box. This dialog shows the fact that some commonly used filters, by using them, users can easily get such as relief, like the commonly used projection effects.

Here, to select the Inner Grow, Out Glow and Bevel and Emboss filter. The parameters of which do not change on a direct point of OK and then press Alt + Shift + S Set the layer mode Screen, so the whole effect is complete.


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Promotions Are you ready?

As market competition have intensified marketing promotion activities have become an integral part of the gain as a means of marketing, market expansion need him, need him against competitive products, the volume of sales needed him, brand enhancement need him ... .... Can be said that in the current marketing promotions have already penetrated into every corner of the various sectors, such as medicine, cosmetics, food, etc., the end of your store promotion frequent Changba speech, I stage, you are special today, tomorrow, I bought gifts Although the different approaches taken to realize the different ways in the final analysis, the purpose but had exactly the same needs, but really there are a few to achieve the desired purpose of it? How many effective marketing can do at this stand out? Can say this in the current marketing activities, promotional activities, homogenization, the product does not promote the crux of marketing is not selling so seriously affected the development of our market.
But how to achieve business promotion promotional purposes? Marketing practices of individuals, I believe that should pay attention to the following questions:

1, the purpose of promotion issues:

As the saying goes, "targeted" marketing objective is a call to action, you can get from the buyer's immediate response, each promotions will be in the customer to produce a specific response in mind, but not all of the promotions can be created sales, which only targeted the direction of the way, for the way law can be targeted to achieve the real purpose of promotion, or the beginning of the promotion is the wrong direction so no matter what kind of good and clever marketing approach results One can imagine, so make sure to consider before marketing why we do promotions, what is the justification promotion, promotion of the objectives? Marketers only want to understand these, so promotions can be targeted to the appropriate measures to properly promote the results of course goes without saying that even if a deviation will not be bad to that, or promotion will be cart before the horse.

Wang is a company clerk in the A market leader, responsible for the overall operation of the market, first half of the market has been relatively normal, not much waves enter the second half of the market owned by their competitors a strong product launch promotions, temporary business sales on the Wang had a certain influence, Wang in the absence of detailed market research through to headquarters immediately after the hit of the application also launched a similar promotion activities fully operational, fought back opponents, results, market sales to rebound, but after the promotion end of the price system of the company's overall product been disrupted, the market chaos, by understanding that after a product's launch of its competitors marketing purposes only stock it is digested and learned the truth of Wang deeply regret it.

For Wang's something we can see: Wang promotions they do not consider or not consider small, but rather because the competition is doing promotional products affect me so I do some promotion, of course, you can do competitive products do, the key is how do you do, correct method is:

First of all, understand their purpose, if only to competitive products simply doing promotional marketing as your guide, it will only go in the rear end someone, consider whether the need for timely follow-up promotions.

Second, understand the competitive products in this promotion why not? Is a new listing of a bid to attract consumers concerned about? Or is the old packaging out of the market? Do not do the necessary consideration.

Finally, it should be clear that competing products can promote the consequences of that? Will lead us to transfer the fixed customer? Will expand the industry share? Determine their own marketing ideas.

2, cognitive own problems:

Market promotion is part of their overall marketing strategy, means that enterprises allocation of resources, and therefore a screening for each promotional activities have begun in the preparation of the necessary right that they have a right Derenshiru: To Mingque their role in the market position, product life cycle, product positioning, their advantages and disadvantages in the market performance of the enterprise's strength, product features, brand recognition, consumer products, people, etc. associated with its own thing, only the right of its own understanding of the situation you can be the effective implementation of promotional activities.

Such as the introduction of the product life cycle stage, advertising and sales promotion costs are high, consumer products still in the non-recognition stage, the choice of promotions during this period should try to promote products for the purpose of old items can be taken to take the form of gifts or free samples of new, fast way to make consumers try to accept, in the growth stage, as the purchaser's word of mouth, etc., the market has developed rapidly, this time can be reduced promotional costs, select the special or the same product more than way to sell promotional gift, and in product maturity and product decline stage, the market is becoming more competitive, sales promotion costs during this period, sales should also be adjusted to the same competitive products more effective promotions for the segment Lord.

If your product currently on the market because of poor distribution rate is not high end, caused by this factor because the thin end as interest rather than receiving, then you need to carry out promotional activities for the terminal, such as Total purchase incentives to carry out the product into the store display incentives or rewards, the opposite of your product consumer acceptance because the price is small, then you need to carry out promotional activities for the consumer, such as selling gifts, special, consumer incentives and other activities, if the two kinds of problems exist, then you must also use two methods may,

Another example of your product positioning is high-end products, the consumer price is not sensitive, you may have to target promotional marketing terminals, use the terminal to enhance profitable way to promote sales

Similarly, the limited strength of your business and your unrealistic to launch a strong competitor for promotion, or you've asked for disability, or your promotions materialize and get nothing, so if the promotion achieve the desired effect, the correct understanding of their own is very necessary.

Dairy manufacturers have developed a high price product, the listing because some well-known manufacturers make similar products sold in the gift promotions, good effect, and then were taken to emulate well-known manufacturers greater strength than the sale of promotional gifts, but the effect poor attention to those few buyers.

On this issue, we can see that the dairy producers is to choose the form of promotion, there is no correct understanding of their consumers to consider their own brand awareness and product position in the market factors, only to see other people's promotions effective , to think that their efforts must also be so big, does not know that people are mature brand, and now buyers are mostly fixed group of consumers, product quality and prices have formed in the minds of consumers precipitation and, as a new brand, the consumer do not understand the situation, the consumer price of the brand concept simply did not form, follow the trend of the promotional activities carried out so simply fails to pique consumer interest, let alone buy.

3, the correct grasp of the market for:

Market is changing, as consumers in each market consists of different, regional differences, differences in consumption habits, cultural environment is different, the difference between income and the rival of different ways and means of operation of the market is also different, the same is due to consumption mental and consumer environment, promotion of different consumer preferences are also different receivers, terminal on the promotion of understanding and practical implementation of the results are different, requiring different according to different market promotions, such as the A market selling activities to receive grants good effect, B the market may be on special promotions of the reception is good, if not the market were to take a marketing approach towards unity, the result can be imagined, so for different markets in developing marketing programs, they need to market fully grasp the understanding of market characteristics, consumer habits, cultural environment, access features and competitor information, and only on this basis, the development of marketing programs is practical and feasible, to achieve its purpose.

Xiao Li is a winery in the K A city manager, according to the requirements of companies in the peak season to come to launch a major promotional activities to enhance the overall sales volume and building brands, to carry out the specific content of activities to address the cumulative purchase and consumption of the terminal The sale of promotional gifts manner, the activities of another market in the company's implementation of the effect is very good, so headquarters activities required to put in place did Xiao Li, Xiao Li, however, the event started out on the overall volume, while not found small, but the product of the rotation is not very satisfactory, most goods are piled up in the end, consumers are selling gift shop boss who pocketed the same time, problems with the product price less than the purchase price of the terminal part of the sale on the market a great impact in understanding this situation Xiao Li on the one hand to give a positive report on the company, and also to negotiate on the activities of dealers to adjust, with the approval after the dealer's understanding, but also with marketing support, on events policy has been adjusted accordingly:

First, the full stop at this stage of promotion, market adjustments.

Second, the change in promotions, the company will be a gift to the original discount terms, the costs are distributed according to the original promotion policy for the cash.

Finally, the development of new marketing policy, a scratch card affixed with wine in the form of 1 +1 sales that the company's products to consumers consumer incentives scrapings can be exchanged at any store, where the exchange point of sale terminal reward delivery time in the company with scratch card payment can be cash or money in a manner that the consumer scraped 5 yuan bonus, the owner shall be convertible can be redeemed after the purchase price at 10 yuan, and so on.

By, Mike's the promotional market to adjust K in order to successfully carry out promotional activities in the market to maintain rapid growth while price system has been well maintained.

Mike's on the market promotion for the policy adjustment, we can see the difference in the market led to the same policy and the implementation of the results after a two and the reason is in the market caused by the different characteristics, so for the promotional needs of different markets combined with local market practice to operate.

4, combined with the flexibility of the terminal real problem

For the terminal point of sale, since the different size, geographic location different consumer groups around the different attitude of life-style different owner, different business philosophy, and likewise in the implementation of promotional activities will be very different after mixed results, such as for commercial lots The large store store specials may come better, but for the community terminal reward you with total purchase he may give you more sales, the same used on some terminal point you back to the way the owner is more acceptable, but Some shopkeepers reward you with good results using cumulative, so the overall promotion program is completed, the process of implementation of the program should make the appropriate adjustments in complying with the principles does not get a big case for the special store for flexible adjustment.

At the same time, conducting promotional activities, the need to end the venue, location, schedule, DM and other flexible the actual situation, such as the poor need to combine the actual position of adjustment, we all know the elevator, cash registers and other population flow area for the majority of fast moving consumer goods, especially consumer goods, the public generally to understand is a very good position, but also many manufacturers contend, however, can not be put in place if asked to re-consider other locations, such as the schedule can not be combined with promotion on the need for flexibility to adjust the time, not necessarily unpleasant task, the promotion is intended, after all, achieve their goals.

5, promotion and publicity work

If the promotional offers and opportunities to stimulate purchase, then the ads provide consumers with the purchase of the reason, the implementation of a good marketing program execution in addition to required personnel, emphasizing in place, the need to publicize indispensable. As word spread in the advertising industry, as even the best product if you have no need for advertising, no doubt in the dark of the night as beautiful to you ogle the same, good marketing programs to spread propaganda, if not, consumers are knowledge, the effect can better get there?

The results show that only pure price promotions to increase sales 15%, when combined with advertising sales increased 19% when.

Finally, each end of a promotional activity is only temporary, and the next round of promotions will continue to be staged, how is marketing "to promote and support", while paying attention to these issues we need to grasp the promotion of the time, Shiji Dengyijilie problems, to prevent excessive sales result in negative impact on the price system, ill-timed promotion a waste of resources, but also learn to avoid the competition and made the standby power saving edge.

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New worm Floodnet (cute) little files

顥?顥?virus name: Win32.Floodnet
顥?顥?alias: Win32/Cute.Worm, W32.Tendoolf, WORM_TENDOOLF.A
顥?顥?virus types: Win32
顥?顥?Virus Type: Worm
顥?顥?hazardous levels: in
顥?顥?transmission speed: fast
顥?顥?br />顥?顥?Virus features:

顥?顥?The virus is spread out using MAPI protocol messages worm. The virus e-mail format:

顥?顥?Subject: Thoughts ...

顥?顥?Body: I just found this program, and, i dont know why ... but it reminded me of you. Check it out.

顥?顥?Annex: Cute.exe

Annex running:
顥?顥?br />1. Virus infected machine will generate% Windows% Kernel32.exe virus copies, and deleted from the hard disk has been performed in this Annex.
顥?顥?br />顥?顥?2. Will create the following registry key:

顥?顥?HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunWindows = "% Windows% kernel32.exe"

顥?顥?HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunServices = "% Windows% kernel32.exe"


顥?顥?HKCR.vxContent Type = "application / x-msdownload"

顥?顥?br />顥?顥?3. Will modify the system.ini and win.ini file, the command line is modified as follows:


顥?顥?shell = explorer.exe% Windows% kernel32.exe
顥?顥?br />顥?顥?win.ini:
顥?顥?load =% Windows% kernel32.exe
顥?顥?br />顥?顥?4. To act as a backdoor program used to connect IRC servers, and log in to a particular channel. Users in the channel may further send out e-mail, MSN Messenger and AOL Instante Messenger messages, so that may have distributed denial of service attack power.
顥?顥?br />顥?顥?carry the worm ftp and Http server is also able to infect the user's machine.


顥?顥?5. Will try to remove the memory of the following processes:



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Monday, July 5, 2010

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